Perfect Parents

Newborn sessions are one of our favorites to capture. They give us an opportunity to look back on our lives as parents. Parenthood has been one of the most challenging experiences we have ever endured; and our children aren’t over the age of 4 yet. Most days self doubt overcomes our minds, often over trivial decisions: “I shouldn’t have fed them that”, “I should not have let her get away with that”, or “I should not have spoken to her in that tone.” We are guilty of letting this replay daily. And then there are those moments, the ones after they have finally fallen asleep and we sit and watch them (often with tears in our eyes) and wonder how beautiful and resilient our girls are. Despite our countless failed attempts, they still choose to call us “Mommy” and “Daddy”. They still hold our hand for no reason at all. They are still excited to see us walk through the door, even if we had only been gone about 30 seconds to take the garbage out. They still have faith in us when we don’t. Life’s moments aren’t meant to always be perfect, but when we look back, most of them are pretty darn close.

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