A Walk With Daddy

When I (Matt) was diagnosed with cancer, one of my initial thoughts was I wouldn’t have the honor of walking my daughters down the aisle on their wedding day.
Thursday night, a friend, Stacie Hall Cortez, shared a post about a former student of hers who was going to hold a wedding ceremony of sorts this weekend. Her dad has had a long battle with cancer and doesn’t feel he will be around much longer and wanted the opportunity to walk his daughter down the aisle. Myrna, her dad, Hal, and her mom, Martha invited family to come witness this more than special tribute to a love between a father and daughter.
There were tears. There were laughs. Lots of laughs. Because they understand the power of soaking in these moments. Of living in the experience, not in regret.
I pray I can be the example father Hal is to his children.
Special thanks to:
Austin Chaney (Neverend Weddings)
Kathy Glasheen (Kay’s Garden Florals)
Kate Clyde’s Catered Creations

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