It’s funny how things come about. Small seeds are planted and watered in faith, and often remain in darkness for quite some time. Then, almost unexpectedly, a tree grows from that seed.

We (Matt and Lisa) shared a love of photography when we met. Matt first practiced in film and Lisa documented everything even before phone cameras. When our first child was born, the desire to capture those everyday moments and momentous occasions became vastly more important. We invested in a nicer camera and got serious about learning how to use it.

In the summer of 2016, we each heard God calling us to take a step of faith. We didn’t know what that would look like, but we knew God was speaking loud and clear and confirming that through each other. It soon became apparent through the feedback from friends, family and strangers that starting a photography business was our next step. To us, though, it’s not about building a business. It’s about meeting amazing people and capturing their everyday moments and momentous occasions. It’s about chasing the light and learning to see it in new ways. It’s about pushing ourselves and taking steps of faith. It’s about bringing out the beautiful in the mundane, clinging to the good in life and helping the best parts of today be forever frozen in time.

Life isn’t always easy, beautiful, or good. Clouds cover the perfect sunset. Seeds lay in darkness. But, when we look, there is always good to be found. It’s our hope that when you look back on the memories we capture, you’ll be reminded of all that is good, beautiful, hopeful and true in your own life.