Project Radley

Jeremiah 30-17-19 (1)

The idea behind Project Radley is to take down barriers between people, but more than that to begin to view others in their true personhood, apart from their current situations.

We believe each person is a Victor. Each person has value beyond what we comprehend. Too often one’s dignity is stripped by society for reasons outside the true essence of the person. Project Radley aims to reverse this tragedy by using photos and stories to show the value of the person: their strength, beauty, talents, desires, scars, personality.

Photos and stories crafted by Project Radley will be given to person in subject as well as organizations that may already be working to benefit the person and other like individuals. Stories will also be published on the Project Radley website and social media.

Projects will include but are not limited to: photos, quotes, articles, videos, etc.

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